Atlanta Winter Improv League

6 Weeks of pure improv shenanigans! More details coming soon!

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Registration Opens

NOVEMBER 23rd @ 09:00AM EST

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  • Where is this going to be held?

    Dynamic El Dorado will be our host. You can follow their Facebook here:

  • What is the entry fee?

    Entry fee for all teams is $50

  • Do you have a rules list?

    The Rules are ready: Atlanta Winter Improv League Rules

    Please message us if you need clarity on any of the rules, its our first hosted league so there may be some phrasing issues.

  • What are the dates for the league

    We will be starting Mid-January and finish at the end of February.

  • How many team slots are available?

    There are 36 team slots available for this league

  • Why should I sign up for early notification?

    Anyone on this list will be given 1 day early access to registration.

  • Are there any prizes for winning?

    Right now we have committed to $500 to the 1st place team. There will be other prizes we are still working on those.

  • Do you want more sponsors?

    We would love to have more Sponsors, please email

  • How many teams can I participate with?

    Everyone is able to be on 2 separate teams. League fatigue is a real thing, so we want to keep this limit to 2 teams.

    There is an exception to this, it will be for musical accompaniment and tech.

  • Anything else to share?

    For now we will update this page with anything else that people ask.